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T H E    D S W F    T A K E O V E R !

Rhinos and Tigers and Elephants, oh my! This week, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation have taken over our blog, to let you know abit more about them and their work...

We is delighted to be working in partnership with Big Wild Thought to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable and endangered wildlife, including Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers and Lions. 
Big Wild Thought generously donates 10% of all sales from their colourful, comfortable, and stylish jumpers, t-shirts and merchandise to DSWF.
Keep reading to find out how you are making a difference to DSWF’s vital conservation efforts when supporting Big Wild Thought during these unprecedented and challenging times for the world’s precious wildlife.


The Elephant, was our founder, the late great wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd’s favourite animal.
With one Elephant being killed for their tusks every 20 minutes, this iconic species could be extinct within our lifetime if immediate action is not taken. This will have a detrimental impact for not only other wildlife that reply on Elephants as a keystone species for their survival but for tourism on which countries and communities depend. 
DSWF is working to turn the tide of extinction by supporting law enforcement programmes across Africa and Asia through the funding of park protection and anti-poaching efforts in key Elephant habitats.
We work alongside ground-based conservation partners in Zambia rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned Elephants helping give young elephants a second chance at a life in the wild. We have recently rescued two new orphans that were separated from their herd in a human-wildlife conflict incident.
We also engage in education and alternative livelihood programmes spreading the word on the need to protect Elephant populations and engage in the international policy arena fighting for the greatest protectionist policies possible.
The ongoing support from Big Wild Thought means that milk formula will always be readily available for brave new orphans.


We would like to encourage you to keep purchasing Big Wild Thought’s Rhino merchandise as Rhino poaching rates are spiking across Africa and Asia. The economic downturn and subsequent shutdown of the tourism industry has meant people are turning to alternative incomes, like poaching, to feed their families.
Sadly, Rhinos are one of the most poached species on this planet targeted for their horn, which is used as a form of traditional medicine in Asia, despite having no proven medicinal value.
DSWF is working to protect an exceptionally rare type of desert-adapted black rhino in Namibia as well as the Indian one-horned Rhino in Assam, India.
We adopt an holistic approach to Rhino conservation by striving to reduce demand for rhino horn in Asia and supporting the brave men and women on the ground protecting rhinos on the frontline.
Thanks to the income produced from Big Wild Thoughts embroidered rhino apparel, our selfless wildlife rangers will not go unsupported during the pandemic.


On 29 July in celebration of World Tiger Day, Big Wild Thought launched their Bengal Tiger range inspired by the Tigers DSWF works to protect.
In less than 100 years, Tigers have lost 93% of their historical range, three of the nine subspecies have been lost to extinction, and Tiger populations have fallen by 96% with only 3,800 remaining in the wild today.
DSWF is fighting to protect this iconic big cat by supporting park protection measures in Thailand and India alongside undercover investigations across Asia. Woefully, there are more Tigers in American backyards and captive breeding farms in Asia than there are in the wild.
By purchasing and wearing Big Wildlife Thought’s new Bengal Tiger range, you are helping DSWF shape the future of the world’s most beloved and bold big cat.
The DSWF team has remained steadfast in our fight against extinction, and despite these increasingly difficult times, we have been working harder than ever!

Warm Wishes
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation


We hope you’ll love our #wildthoughts blog!

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