T H E    F O X    P R O J E C T    T A K E O V E R !

This week, The Fox Project have taken over our blog, to let you know abit more about them and their amazing Wildlife Hospital Project...

"In the beginning, The Fox Project was a small shed in a small back garden where, if we were hard pressed, two or three foxes might be under our care. Fast forward 30 years and you find us spread over multiple sites, each year taking in around 1,000 sick or injured foxes, or orphaned or abandoned fox cubs."
"The following stories about Luggage and a family group called The Shoestrings are just 2 examples of the amazing work done at The Fox Project."


"It was a happy accident for Luggage that a passer-by happened to glance at a discarded suitcase as he strolled through an alley because, nestling alongside it, was this tiny vixen cub.  Again, a ‘lostling’ with no explanation as to come she came to be alone.  Given both she and the suitcase might be regarded as abandoned, we decided to name her after her battered leather ‘companion’!"

"A new toy – an old sneaker - is of great interest to Luggage (in the foreground) but seemingly less so to her new family, consisting of Rue, Billy, Elva and Elsa.  But as soon as they thought we weren’t looking they were all on it!"

"Luggage is growing into a gorgeous vixen!  They’re now free in East Sussex’ Ashdown Forest and already seldom seen.  Back-up feeding is now being reduced as the cubs make their own way, and the teddy bear they brought out of the pen with them – and continued to play with every time they returned – is lying there forlorn and forgotten. Aaaah!"


"The Shoestrings were found when their den beneath a portacabin was discovered. The site was a new-build and as the cabin had to be moved early the following day we were under heavy pressure to reunite the cubs with their mother.  Sadly, after hours of monitoring the area and hoping the spooked vixen would return, we had to give up in the teeth of cold weather that would have rendered the little folk hypothermic."

"Just three of The Shoestrings – the fourth wasn’t interested in posing for a family portrait! As you can see, they’re growing up into beauties and are nicely cautious about people. A split second later and two of them had jumped off the ledge and into their box!  If they’re going back to the wild, that’s how we like it."

"The Shoestrings turned into fabulous looking cubs and were released from their rehab pen in East Sussex, since when they returned nightly for back-up feeding before gradually making their own way into their new territory."

"Currently, The Fox Project’s rescue operation revolves around our hospital unit at Broadwater Forest Wildlife Centre near Tunbridge Wells and our cub unit in nearby Pembury.  But capacity is reaching its limit on both sites. What we need is a purpose-built hospital of our own to provide much needed space for better facilities and bring together the existing units as well providing storage space, a workshop, an office and even overnight staff quarters."

"Our plans are vital to our future, and we know it will be a hard slog. Are we daunted? Just a little. But when we get where we’re going, it will be a huge achievement for everyone involved and we’ll have a facility designed to serve wildlife well into the future."

"If you wish, you can donate either through our website www.foxproject.org.uk or www.justgiving.com/campaign/wildlifehospitalappeal"

Warm Wishes
The Fox Project


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March 12, 2021 — Laura Bowling

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