H A P P Y    W O R L D    O R C A    D A Y ! ! 

World Orca Day was a special day for us as we released our first ever limited-edition product! The Varsity Logo Orca sweatshirt was something very different to our current range but something we all fell in love with. We hope you loved them too!

The idea came to us when the WDC contacted us to see if we had anything planned for World Orca Day. It was the perfect opportunity to come up with something a bit different that would stand out.

After a day of brainstorming the new limited edition Orca design was created. In every order of the limited edition Sweatshirt, you will receive an Adopt An Orca leaflet!

FUN FACT - the design is made up of 60,000 stitches!


We hope you’ll love our #wildthoughts blog!

July 26, 2020 — Laura Bowling

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