FAULTY surprise childrenswear

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Here are our perfectly imperfect products! Just like our other surprise items, each design on the product will be chosen at random, so if one or more are purchased at the same time, there is no guarantee you won't receive the same design in the parcel, but we can try our best to make sure this doesn't happen!

FAULT Options:

MARKS ON GARMENT - This fault includes kind of mark on the garment, either on the body of the garment or on the sleeve. Some marks will come out in the wash but some marks won't, as these might be a small defect in the fabric. All the embroidery will still be intact and checked to our highest standard.

HOLES IN GARMENT - These garments all contain a small hole either in the fabric or near the embroidery. The hole shouldn't get worse with wear, if you follow the correct washing instructions. 

FAULTY EMBROIDERY -  With these garments in particular their embroidery is faulty, so this is either incorrect thread colour, unfinished embroidery, incorrect position of embroidery or the embroidery is a little messy. We have made sure that the embroidery won't become more faulty as time goes on.

We don't believe in waste here at Big Wild Thought and hope you love our perfectly imperfect garments and accessories!

If you dislike particular designs/colours we recommend you don't risk purchasing a surprise product.

10% of the profits of these surprise products will be divided between all our charity partners and donated to them. You can find out all the charities we work with via our charities page on our website!

All orders are sent out in 100% paper packaging!


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