meles meles


Latin Name - Meles meles
Conservation Status - Least Concern
Location - Most of Europe
Diet - Small Mammals, Ground nesting Bird's eggs, Earthworms, Fruit, Roots and Bulbs
Colour - Grey/Black/White
Weight - 8-12kg
Length - 75-100cm
Life Expectancy - 5-8 years 

The Badger is our biggest land predator. It is a member of the Mustelid family, so is related to stoats, weasels and otters. It is just as common as the red fox, but more nocturnal and elusive in its habits.

Badgers live in large family groups in a burrow system known as a 'sett'. An occupied sett can be recognised by the tidy burrow entrances, marked with piles of used bedding (hay and leaves), and by nearby latrine pits where the occupants leave their droppings.

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