bradypus variegatus


Latin Name - Bradypus Variegatus
Conservation Status - Least Concern
Location - Central & South America
Diet - Variety of Leaves, Flowers and Fruit 
Colour - Brown/Grey
Length - 60cm (23.6 inches)
Weight - 3.5-5.2 kgs (7.7-11.5 lbs)
Life Expectancy - 30 to 40yrs 

The Brown-throated Sloth is the most widespread and common of the three-toed sloths. It is found from Honduras in the north, through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama into Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and eastern Peru.

Sloths don’t actually sleep that much at all – research has shown that on average, wild sloths only sleep for 8-10 hours a day. Rather than sleeping all day, sloths just move at an incredibly slow and consistent pace.  Due to a plethora of energy saving adaptations, sloths physically don’t have the ability to move very fast. They can’t run away from predators like a monkey would and instead, they have to rely on camouflage.

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